Taxi Strike In Goa – Effects During Peak Season

All the Taxi owners from Goa was off road from 19th january 2018 till 21st january 2018. the main reason of the strike was to highlight the pending issues of the Taxi operators to the Government, the Taxi operators have asked the government to exempt them from the installing speed governor.
AS on the one hand there were issue that government is not accepting the demands of taxi owners and on the other hand government is saying that law is imposed by supreme court and they have to abide by the decision.
The strike was going on the Azad Maidan Panjim and the good thing of the strike was there was no violence reported and it was carried on the fully peaceful manner.
the hotels and other tourism outlets in goa was functioning without any problem and the government of goa had made alternate transport arrangement for the tourist from airports and the railway stations.

strike 2

The police force of goa was on there toe to control the situation if any non violence occurs.the Government told the operators that 24th feb 2018 is the last date of the installation of the speed Governors. The essential service maintenance Act was invoked to ensure that taxi operators are force to ply their vehicles if there is requirement by the state.
Various congress MlA had come to support the strike. on 2nd day traditional yellow and black taxi operators have joined the strike n the 2nd day of the strike that is on 20/01/18.
the effect of the strike was that 18000/- taxis ll over the goa and coastal belt was off the road

strike 1