Reason why to visit Goa in monsoon

1.Calm Beaches of Goa During Monsoon:

Goa is the place where the monsoon is the perfect time to visit no matter in which  part of goa and on which beacg you are visiting. If you are a adventure and the nature lover you must visit goa in june, july and August. People always say that if you want to see the real goan beach than you must visit during the monsoon season as you will get the best view of the calm beach. this monsoon be there to explore goa in the most authentic way you want with the less money in yor pocket and more fun to do all over goa.


2. Goa Tour In Pocket Money (Air, Bus and Trains):

During the peak season of goa the fare/price/rates/charges of the transportation in Goa is very high touching to the sky and I being goa feel so bad for the tourist that you people have to spend a full year saving on paying the fare of transportation for per head so this time when you come to goa make a plan in monsoon that is June July and august trust me you will love it as you will cover your goa tour package in comparatively less price which you must have not even thought of. During Monsoon you will even not get exhausted by the crowd on the airport. One question for you do you really visit Goa to see the crowd or to enjoy and relax your mind? Think this time before you planning your trip and see the fun of Goa by coming during monsoon.


3. Unbeatable price of Water sports In Goa During Monsoon (June, July & August) Starts From Rs.199/-:

Goa is the place where it is most crowded during peak season and sometime you don’t even understand that where you are and what activities or water sports your doing. And some time because of crowd you are not even able to enjoy the water activity you are doing plus you get very less time to enjoy.  I personally being Goan feel so confused sometime that don’t understand where to go and which activity to do. So here comes the perfect time for you the monsoon June, July and August the time when the water sports in goa is like the best thing you have in the world to do with leisure time and pampering your own self.  Goa is heaven during monsoon and if you have visited before in peak season you will think that why I had come during peak season. The water sports packages we have during monsoon is just awesome and price is the unbeatable compare and call us as we give the minimum lowest price we have to our happy customer. During Monsoon we have water sports like  Banana Boat Ride, Bumper Ride, Parasailing Ride, Jet-ski Ride, Speed Boat Ride, Parachute Ride, Scuba Diving,  snorkeling, kayaking and SUP Boat.


4. Trekking along the Jungles of Goa To see the Dudhsagar Falls and the Scenic View of the nature:

The best part of the goa Dudhsagar waterfalls where tourist love to do trekking along the lush green jungles of goa

This falls become the eye catching and amazing during monsoon so to see the beautiful glory people get start with the trek either by the train or by road to capture the scenic beauty.


5.Tamdi Surla Trek along the natural flowing rivers and waterfalls :

The most beautiful waterfalls and rivers start flowing from the jungles of Tamdi Surla this trek starts from the famous 13th century Mahadeva Temple. This trek is full 90 minutes walking journey and you have to walk through and once you cross the Bagavan Mahavir Sanctuary you will see that you have done the right thing when in goa and you will dance with joy.


6. Hivrem Waterfall Trek In Valpoi, In Goa India:

When I was in 7th standard I hade done trekking at the Hivrem waterfall at Valpoi and till today I remember the whole journey of waterfall trekking. I crossed 7 rivers and did one flying fox crossing and on the way saw the dense vegetation while we was moving clicked lot many photos did bird watching and still now I can remember the chirping sounds of different birds local plus migratory. I remember seeing peacocks who dancing as it was drizzling silently. Later we had seen the 3 different waterfalls at different levels and we had haten lunch halt for 2 hours at the main waterfall of Hivrem at Valpoi Goa, India.


7. Nethravali or the Savari Waterfall Trek, In Goa India :

Netravali  wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Western Ghats of India located in the South Goa District Sanguem taluka in eastern goa. this Scantuary is famous for its  Different wild animals, Rivers and Waterfalls which is situated in it and this is connected to madei wildlife century

The majority of tourist who visit goa in monsoon love to go on trekking specially on Netravali waterfalls. After reaching the waterfall you can climb the pick and get the mesmerizing view of goa.


8. Sao joao the feast celebrated on the 24th June in Goa.

The fertility feast celebrated in goa. This is the feast where the people from goa get next to the well, river, or and swimming pool and enjoy the rain dance along with the different beverages and sing song organize the rain dance party and to tell you you must see this as it will keep you amaze on that day.

9. Lowest Price on the Hotels, Resorts and Cottages In Goa:

Goa is the place where everyone love to spend time and during the peak season in goa it become difficult for some of the tourist to book hotels or resorts in goa as either they are full or price is out of range means not in the budget. So monsoon is the season starting from June July and August it becomes very budget friendly when it comes to booking of various accommodation places in goa.

10. Rental of Car and Bikes or Hire of Coach or Bus in Goa at Rs.150/-:

When you are in goa moving from one place to place become very difficult except having your own transport so during the monsoon season it becomes very easy as the renting and hiring rates drop down to almost half of the  price. The one who comesin big group for them hireing of coach or bus or tempo traveler becomes very affordable.