Goa’s Fishing Culture and Tourism

Goa is the smallest state of India. it is situated in the western ghats of India and have diversified Flora and Fauna. It have a wide coastal belt of 110 km where the sun, sea and send meets.

Fishing Activity In Goa
Fishing Activity In Goa

Goa have total 9 Rivers out of which 5 plays the major role in Fishing that is Mandovi, Zuari, Sal, Chapora and Terekol. For Goans Fishing Means There life as major part of goan population lives on the Fishing. The major part of Goan population lives in Coastal areas and they live their major part of lives on Fishing.


Traditional and Mechanized Fishing 

The 26.0% fishing in Goa are done in a Tradition way by following the old fishing techniques and  Mechanized Fishing contribute the 74.0%.

The olden Goan Believe is that the real fun of fishing is that to go fishing with the local fisherman.  who will show you the real way of fishing and even show you by following which method you will catch which particular fish.

River Fishing is the most enjoyable fishing as one have to just seat on the bank of river with rod or fishing stick and go on till you catch a big one.

fishing at goa

Now as the tourist are increasing in goa the same way tourist love for fishing is increasing in goa. The tourist throughout the world specially visit goa for its traditional way of fishing and they just love it the way the it is done in goa.
Most of the international tourist love the fishing in goa and they visit goa to enjoy fishing and other related activities.

Goan Fish Thali

Goa have that all climates which is required for fishing and specially the different types of water water. salty water fish have a different taste from the sweet water fish.
The Goa love the sweet water fish and its in more demands and slightly expensive than the salt water fish.
Goan diet is incomplete without fish curry and rice. It will be ok if one day you don’t have bath but there need o be have fish in on the dining table for lunch or dinner.