Goa And It’s Beaches

water sports
water sports

Goa is divided into two District North Goa and South Goa. both the destination is very different from each other in North Goa the life is full of Music and Festive Night life mode and where in south Goa life is calm and meditative mode on beaches.

North Goa And Its Famous Beaches


baga beach

Baga beach is the extremely famous beach in north Goa as its the most crowded beach through the year. it have almost all the qualities of the beach which keeps the beach lively and happening year round.
Hippie markets, hippie life, happening night life, the night glamor, water sports,beach parties, shacks, goan/portuguese cuisine and almost everything.
The Goans consider this beach as the salt bath beach as every year in summer there is this trend going on in goa that no matter where in which part of goa you are one do come here to have the traditional salt bath and take a night stay at the beach.