What Is Scuba Diving?

Scuba Diving is a technique of going under water with the help of own breathing gas, which is in the diving cylinders. Normally having breathing gas with high pressure which is supplied through the regulator. Scuba diving can be done by professionals and or by one is doing for fun or recreational. Scuba Diver make movement underwater by the fins attach to the feet and they also use goggles for the clear vision under water.


Scuba Diving and Tourism

In Goa Scuba Diving and tourism go hand in hand earlier people use to visit goa for spending time on beach and party hard but now the full concept have changed as now days most of the customers who visit Goa Like to do Scuba Diving and even say that they have specially come all the way from their country or state to Goa just to do Scuba Diving. As the price of scuba diving is low in Goa compare to other places in the World and also the clarity is good underwater. Scuba Diving is nowadays tourist loving activity in Goa.

Scuba Diving Goa

Scuba Diving and Goa

Goa is perfect place for learning and doing scuba diving as there is absence of riptide current in the sea. Goa is the perfect places for beginners and kids for learning scuba diving as we have fully trained PADI Certified guides for teaching you Scuba Diving in Goa in the safest way.